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Sept. 26, 2021

EP05: The Power of Joy with Fif Fernandes - MeDi Clown Academy India

EP05: The Power of Joy with Fif Fernandes - MeDi Clown Academy India

If you worked in the film business and had worked with Hollywood greats like Brad Pitt - would you leave that life behind to go to Auroville, South India to start an NGO?
That's exactly what Fif Fernandes did.

While mental health issues are on the rise everywhere in the world (note: India has one of highest suicide rates among teenagers and students with 28 lives lost every day, according to the The Hindu), MeDi Clown Academy is helping people struggeling with illnesses, fighting depressions, living in poverty.
Fif Fernandes and the MeDi Clown Academy found a simple yet effective solution: Joy.

Listen to her journey which took her from the movie world to Canadian hospitals and then to village life in India and even Chandigarh prison.

Find out how joy and laughter can bring healing to healthcare, education and corporate environments - and how it can help bridging the divide between the rich and poor.

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Or if you want to get in touch with Fif: fif@mediclownacademy.org

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Fif Fernandez


Fif Fernandes is on a mission to bring a positive shift in happiness, health, education, freedom of choice and economic growth for individuals, organizations and our nation. Her vision: A Happy Healthy India for All by raising India’s ranking in the World Happiness Index by the UN.
Fif’s has been highlighted in the international award-winning documentary “Hope Doctors” (PSBT). She has received multiple national and international awards for her work including the YES! i am the CHANGE (India), YMCA Peace Award (Canada), Bronze Apple (USA), Canadian Cable Awards (Canada).

Fif has a unique ability to integrate the body, mind, spirit and heart of people with varying abilities from infants to elders 104 years of age, through techniques she has developed from over 35 years of direct experience as a Performance Artist, Arts Educator and Artist in Healthcare in Canada, India, USA and Uganda.