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WasteLess with Ribhu Vohra and Chandrah Nusselein Profile Photo

WasteLess with Ribhu Vohra and Chandrah Nusselein

Founders and CEO

WasteLess is a creative educational organisation based in South India dedicated to transforming the way we think about waste. Through experimentation, research and the participation of teachers and students WasteLess designs and develops educational materials that empower children to think critically, inspire environmentally responsible behaviour and drive future systemic change.

Ribhu Vohra was born and raised in Auroville, South India, with his sister and WasteLess co-founder Chandrah Nusselein. In 2008, he left his corporate job and travelled around the world with his wife. He discovered that waste management was a challenge faced in every country. Ribhu does not accept the direction in which the world is going. He is a dreamer but is deeply rooted in action. Fascinated with participatory action research and the power of educational experiences to drive positive behavioural changes.

Chandrah Nusselein has always been passionate about the environment. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in the United States and a master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences from the Netherlands, she spent a decade working in the development sector. Her work has included designing and implementing projects in rural India on water and sanitation, as well as on education and the environment. Through this work she realised that waste, one of the fastest-growing global issues, was not receiving adequate attention. Chandrah Nusselein has witnessed first hand the power of education, particularly in children and sees her work at WasteLess as a way of planting a seed of positive change and watching it grow.

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EP14: The Impact of Innovative Education on Wasting Less with Ribhu Vohra & Chandrah Nusselein - WasteLess India

Feb. 13, 2022

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - this quote by Ghandi is easy to say but hard to follow, especially when it comes to our own consumption and the magic of reduce, reuse, recycle. Enter Ribhu Vohra and Chandrah N…