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Aug. 15, 2021

Introducing the MUNAlogues - Hello World. Hello Change.

Introducing the MUNAlogues - Hello World. Hello Change.

A little optimism to go.

The world seems to be full of bad news and the human experience can be quite challenging sometimes. But something good isn't coming our way - something good is already here.

In this podcast you'll find out all about things that are going in the right direction: projects, inititatives, organisations and people like you and me who are making a difference. You’ll hear stories about people from all over the world, changing their societies. Every now and then I’ll have a chat with one of them and find out what drives them, what keeps them going even when things get a little tough. In addition, I'll share all I know about implementing change - be it  your personal life or society. And maybe one of the stories you’ll hear will motivate you to get active yourself.

We all can be changemakers. It starts in our own daily lives and then has ripple effect, spreading to our neighborhoods, cities, countries and the world as a whole.

That’s what I believe, after all, I’m a voluntary optimist.